May 24, 25, 26 – 2013 // Unceded Coast Salish Territories – Vancouver, BC

Venue Information

Dogwood Centre for Socialist Education (706 Clark Drive) // 3 steps between ground and main entrance, with a total height of 21 inches. 10ft long ramp and human lift are available. One gender inclusive washroom.

The Purple Thistle (975 Vernon Drive) // There are 16 stairs that are 38 inches in width, with a railing. There is no elevator. One gender inclusive washroom.

855 (855 East Hastings) // One standard sized front door, ground level, wheel chair accessible; 2 gender inclusive washrooms on the main level, also wheel chair accessible.

Pigeon Park (399 Carrall Street) // Event will be at Gallery Gachet Art Cart; Outside, ground level with no doorways or steps

Instant Coffee (441 Powell Street) // Ground level, wheelchair accessible. One gender inclusive washroom (not wheelchair accessible).

The corridor road behind 381 Railway Street (at Dunlevy Avenue) // Outside, ground level.

1407 E. Georgia (Cool Air Rentals) // Outside, ground level.

*Childcare is available for the 3 days of Rent Assembly up until 9pm. For requests/inquires please contact Reg Johanson: 

**Dinner provided on Friday night; Snacks/Coffee/Tea available at Dogwood all 3 days.


Friday – May 24th

4:00-6:00pm           pre-conference reading circle

No Reading After the Internet: “The Art of Rent” by David Harvey from Rebel Cities

Facilitator: Elvin Wyly                          Curator: Alex Muir @Dogwood

Opening remarks, Food & Discussion


Rent in Theory: 

About a Bicycle (Danielle LaFrance & Anahita Jamali Rad)

Maria Wallstam

Nathan Crompton

Moderator: Donato Mancini @Dogwood
9:00pm-midnight  opening party

Musical performances starting at 9:30

Humanities 101 board game: “Where There’s Walls, There’s Holes”

9:30-10:00pm        performance

Psychotic Butler (feat. Penelope Hetherington) performs “DISLODGE” pt 1

  @viewed through a closed gate at 1407 E. Georgia (Cool Air Rentals – 1/2 block east from Dogwood)

Saturday – May 25th

10-11:30am   panel

Racism and Rent:

Natalie Knight

Ivan Drury

Pablo Mendez

Moderator: Danielle LaFrance  @Dogwood


12:30-2:30pm        panel

Rent, Development & Bureaucracy:

Andy Longhurst

Am Johal

Keith Higgins

Maria Wallstam for The Mainlander

Moderator: Patrick Morrison @Dogwood
3:00-4:30pm  panel

Rent and Cultural Production:

Daniela Aiello

Cecily Nicholson

Karen Ward

Moderator: Nathan Crompton @Dogwood
5:00-6:30pm  panel Rent and Direct Action:                  Pidgin Picket (Kim Hearty & Nicholas Ellan) // SeaSol (Matt Adams & Cole Anders) Moderator: Maria Wallstam  @Dogwood
7:00-10:00pm  workshop SWAMP Theatre of the Oppressed: Interactive theatre workshop                                            *Begins 7pm – no late comers or drop ins please.  Facilitator: Eve Belle *Venue change* @Dogwood
9:00-2:00am          party! Sweaty Bones: dj’s, performers & guests Facilitator/Curator: Heidi Nagtegaal @855

Sunday May 26th

10:00-11:30am      strategy discussion group

Renters and Tenant Organizing: 

Vancouver Renters’ Union: Karen Gilchrist & Maureen Bourke

12:00-1:30pm        panel

Poetry, Rent, and Representation:

Jeff Derksen

Colin Fulton

Weldon Hunter

Moderator: Anahita Jamali Rad  @Dogwood
2:00-3:00pm        poetry reading & chapbook launch

Karen Ward

Cherise Clarke

Peter Bracking

Launching Peter Bracking’s chapbook: “Rent In Four: keeping your ass out of the acid rain

 Facilitator/curator: Alex Leslie  @Pigeon Park (on the Gallery Gachet Art Cart)
3:30-4:30pm    discussion pt.1

Colonialism, Rent & Gentrification:

Glen Coulthard

Daniela Aiello

  @The Purple Thistle
4:30-6:30pm      panel pt.2

Renting, Squatting, and Occupying space:

Sean Antrim

Larraine Henning

Glen Coulthard

Moderator: Daniela Aiello                          @The Purple Thistle
7:30-11:00pm      exhibition & poetry reading & closing party Cabaret Poetry Reading (various authors)                                    Julian Hou “Fresh Paint” (video screening)                      mynameisscot “Self Guided Walking Tour” (video slideshow)    @Instant Coffee
9:30-10:00pm      performance Psychotic Butler (feat. Penelope Hetherington) performs “DISLODGE” pt.2  
@In the corridor road behind 381 Railway Street (at Dunlevy Avenue)

Artworks and Activities Ongoing Throughout the Assembly

Sarah Moore “Mapping Rent City” @DOGWOOD (mapping project)

Carly Ramsey and Beshéle Caron “We live under patriarchy’s roof: rent and housing zine compilation” (zine compilation)

Menses/Loose Tights: THE RENT TAPE: Vancouver gentrification/ displacement mix (music compilation)

mynameisscotRental Agreement” (poster project)

Psychotic Butler performs “DISLODGE” featuring Penelope Hetherington (2 performances)

Alta Ego featuring Ray Hsu and Anahita Jamali Rad “Check” (poetry project)